Gap Year Activity List

You’re considering a gap year but you’ve got no idea what to do. 

You cannot spend it playing video games or getting Instagram envy every time you see your friends post a Freshers’ pic. 

You have to do something – otherwise you’ll die of boredom and universities will stereotype you as lazy or unambitious.

Here’s a comprehensive list of possible gap year plans – from retaking your exams to scuba diving in Panama. 

Have fun! And remember: there are no limits to what you do on your gap year – this is your year out, so do what you want to do.

Getting a job:  

Startup jobs: 

Corporate job placements

  • etrust – for the scientists!

Freelance jobs: 

  • Upwork – sign up as a freelancer and get paid!

  • Fiverr – sign up as a freelancer and get paid!


Jobs abroad: 

  • Bridge – teach English overseas

  • Work away – work at farms, schools and everything in between, in return for free accommodation & food

  • Wwoof – work on organic farms around the world, in return for free accommodation & food


Volunteering abroad: 

  • Frontier – medical internship in Malawi

  • Do it – another wide range of opportunities 

UK Charities: 

  • Ncvo – find a centre near you to volunteer at 

  • Unicef – volunteer with Unicef

Learning a language:  

Immersion programmes: 

  • EF – a bit expensive, but a trustable brand

  • Go abroad – search for an immersion programme that meets your criteria

  • Linguatrip – cheaper to book here than direct with the school

Apps & online courses: 

  • Baselang – unlimited Spanish classes with Venezuelan tutors

  • Coursera – free online courses from the world’s top universities

Learn to code:  

Online courses: 

  • Codecademy – interactive exercises make this course a lot easier to follow

In-person Bootcamps: 

  • Flatiron school – you might not even need to go to university with skills you’ll pick up here!

Other skills & activities:

Reapplying to university: 

Revision resources: 

UCAS application resources: 

If you’d like help resubmitting your UCAS application – from course choices to writing the perfect statement – join 1100+ students & sign up to our newsletter for inside access to: 

  • Top 6 Secrets to a killer statement

  • 10 real statements from successful Oxbridge students

  • Techniques from cognitive science to 10x your revision



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  1. I took a gap year before starting my 3rd year of uni and worked with a great tutoring agency that gave me the flexibility to travel and work whilst back at home in the UK.

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